Planning a baby? Here are some not-to-dos


Does and dont during pregnancy-min

Play the glad game: It is important for a pregnant woman to avoid undue stress. Her body releases hormones or chemicals connected with stress when she is stressed, and hormones connected with happiness when she is happy. The baby is directly influenced by the environment in her body. Therefore, it’s important that she strives to be happy.

Good food: A pregnant woman should concentrate on eating fresh foods; packaged food and water should be avoided at all costs! These foods are laced with preservatives and synthetic flavours, extra salt and sugar. All of these have a detrimental effect on health. Ideally, she should eat fresh foods, fruits and nuts, etc. Foods with monosodium glutamate like Chinese cuisine, chips, packaged namkeen and soups are risky.

No smoke zones: Steer clear of smoky atmosphere and exhaust from vehicles. Breathe in fresh air, for example, in the morning, in the park or near flower pots. Morning air is cleaner, since at night there is no activity, so the air has less dust and exhaust from cars, in it. The morning sun is beneficial too. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the morning sun, up to 10 am provides vitamin D and aids in the absorption of calcium. Also, avoid going to crowded places because such places have less oxygen and could be a breeding ground of infection.

Miscellaneous: The indiscriminate use of medicines, even if it’s only an aspirin can be lethal; stick to the list of permissible medicines prescribed by your doctor. Also, don’t do any heavy lifting!



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