Student number 3789/Form  September 2020 Batch

Delivery December 2020


This is a feedback received on 15th February 2021 from one of our students, Sheetal Gupta, on how our classes helped her
1. I was able to distinguish between false pain and actual labour pains
2. As soon as the contractions begun, instead of panicking, I started timing the contractions and making a log
3. We went to the hospital when contractions were 7-8 mins apart
4. Taking contractions in various positions taught by you, along with breathing techniques was very helpful
5. After delivery, when there wasn’t much milk flowing out of my breast, I did not panic . I was aware that initially there is only colostrum, and that’s all the baby needs
In a nutshell, I walked into the labour room being fully aware about the process.
And with your guidance, I was able to deliver normally
Thank you so much for everything 😀❤️