According to Student No. 3728

Delivery 16th June, 2021


Hello Ma’m, I am writing to share the happy news with you . I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and baby girl on 16th June 2021 naturally in my 38 week and 2 days gestation. This journey wouldn’t have been easy without you. Me and my husband has constantly remembered you and are so grateful for the knowledge that you provided us which helped us sail this period without any fear. In fact, because of you I was more determined for a natural birth and even though my doctor forced me to go for elective cesarean at 36 weeks, I didn’t panic at all because I had read the books that you gave and through your session I was confident that I am in a healthy shape. We decided to opt for Sitaram Bhartiya in the last moment and there under Dr Swati Sinha’s guidance and supervision I gave birth to my twins naturally. Sending you immense gratitude Ma’m and as soon as I settle in new life I would like to write you soon about the books too. They helped me greatly. Thank you for everything 🙏🏽✨🧚‍♀️❤️