Student number 3790/Form  March 2022 Batch

Delivery April 08, 2022


Thank you for helping us keep our baby happy. She seems happy and clear headed about her needs. We keep reading her signs when she tells us her wanted 🙂 I’ve been breastfeeding her and the journey has been going really well till now (touch wood!) Thank you for your guidance during our classes. Massaging and stimulating breasts before the birth helped.

The most helpful however has been the knowledge that my body is making enough milk for her. It’s so easy for new mothers to doubt their body’s ability when doctors and relatives tell them “The child is crying because he/she is hungry. There is not enough milk.” I heard similar comments but the knowledge of counting wet nappies (easy to count than diapers), helped me shut the naysayers down and carry on feeding my daughter well. Her weight gain has been excellent and steady. Thank you for helping us new moms. ❤️❤️❤️❤️